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Electronic Record for Trippers!

I often wonder, what would it have been like to be a teenager in the middle sixties. Not to revisit with rose-coloured glasses, forgetting every era has its particular horrors. But to experience a literal onslaught of amazing records and sounds with aural freedom exercised by groups of all sorts. Psychedelic candies with pure pop centers from the Lemon Pipers and Banana Splits to reflective and melancholy psych with flares of innocence and lysergic abandon... like Pink Floyd. Frothy to frightening. What would it have been like to walk into the record section at Woolworths, or pop into Musicland every week and see something different that you just had to own. Happily vinyl never disappeared (some of the tracks on here are clearly from my vinyl collection), and there are lots of psychedelic pop bands in today's lysergic-tinged world (Liminanas, Cult of Dom Keller, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Preoccupations, Echo Lake, Temples and many more). I hope, however, that the following co

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